Professional engaged in research and development, production, research and development and marketing of ineffective network products

Our products

Who We Are

From its inception in 2000,, WODESYS specializes in the design 、produce& development of wireless professional product, switch hub , and industrial & IoT products.

Our capabilities cover all engineering aspects, from RF and system design, over communication protocol stacks, application software and UI. Furthermore, We offer ODM/OEM services, which include the customization of hardware and software according to customers’ specific requirements.

At Wodesys , we’re crazy about technology… We apply the very latest techniques in our production systems and working processes in all kinds of ways aiming to achieve perfection down to the smallest details. And it works. Thanks to this approach, we can offer our customers and the organisations responsible for certification – products and solutions of unmatched quality.

We look forward to discussing your project with you.

Why Choose Us

Market-leading innovation

Through own R&D innovation programs, we stay ahead of competition in bringing innovative solutions to the market.

Design for manufacture

Our valuable experience in bringing designs into production sets us apart from some of the other design houses out there. With our own Manufacturing facilities based in Shenzhen China, These advantages will help shorten the time to market, enhancing our competitiveness as an OEM, ODM and JDM for product solutions.

Scale and flexibility

As a medium-sized company having 30 engineers with many years of experience dedicated to wireless technology, our size allows us to be both innovative and flexible.

Loyal and professional

Our customers tend to come back for their next project. We see that as a sign of satisfaction and trust in us.  Our list of customers is long, and we have completed more than 900 wireless projects.

Our Value Chain

Specification and Design

We start by converting your requirements and user needs into a Product Requirement Specification. Our engineering teams then design a solution that includes mechanics, hardware and software as required. Combined with our list of patented solutions and in-house developed protocols, we ensure you get a compelling result.

Development and Integration

Following agile development practices, we develop prototypes to evaluate system performance in-house. We integrate each design on a system level so that every component and subsystem works perfectly, and evaluate performance against test cases for the fully-integrated system.

Testing and Certification

Based on years of experience and our in-house pretest services, we can reduce your time to market and lower approval and certification costs. We can also handle the full type approval procedure for you.

Production and Supply Chain Management

Using a well-established network of manufacturers, we guarantee a smooth transition from prototype builds to volume production. Whether you need full OEM/ODM services or a sub-assembly line to produce your own unique system, we can deliver.

Wodeys is flexible in the types of business we are engaged in.
Whether it is a Low-Mix High-Volume or High-Mix Low-Volume solution, we are here to help in our customers’ success.